RE: The Weather

Dear Mother Nature,

So yes. Weather has been strange lately.

I don’t know what happened with that groundhog when he looked out of his hole this year. Did he see only half of his shadow? I’m wondering, cause between him and you, Mother Nature, things have been confused.

Within the past two weeks we’ve had all four seasons!

We had snow, just in time for April Fool’s.


And rain three days after that! And just two days ago it was like Summer!


Seriously the sun shining so bright it and it was hot. We had a picnic! And Ice Cream! And it was like July! But it was April! What?

I really do love all the seasons Mother, I’d just prefer to have them in their usual times…

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not complaining. I’m just one of Fresh Airs return customers, wondering why my product is having a glitch…



The Quest for Purpose

Life is a quest.  One that we all face.  Everyday we go about this quest even without ourselves knowing it.  We search, lost in this big world trying our hardest to find that one thing that will make us tick, that will make us feel alive, motivated, confidant, strong, right and truly free.

At times we lose our way and get stuck going in the wrong direction, but at other times you can see it so clearly, it’s right there. Waiting for you to touch it. To claim it…

God put us here on Earth to find that purpose and to hold on to it.  To nourish it, to grow it.  We all want to change the world, but it isn’t something that happens on a massive scale.  It starts with one person, one purpose, and the courage to follow it and fight for it…

I am still on my own quest for purpose.  Filled with dreams of at least leaving this world a little better than I found it.. 🙂